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At Rockmed Pharmacy we are passionate about building solid relationships with the community members, staff, family and/or guardians of each long term care community we are privileged to work with. Long term care requires extraordinary levels of patience, expertise, and compassion. Equally, we are dedicated to provide the highest levels of attention to detail, striving to make each day a little better and brighter through our high attention to reliability and resourcefulness. We believe that great things are never done by one person, they are done by a team. We understand that we are one part of a whole series of actions that must take place to care for each community member. Through our passion to develop meaningful relationships, offering the highest levels of reliability and working to offer resourceful pharmacy solutions, we want to be your first choice in long-term pharmacy care.

our story

We started our careers in traditional pharmacy and after being asked to take on a few long-term care community members we realized that if we were to offer the kind of care we knew each community member deserved, we had to make long-term care our primary focus. So we set out to create a pharmacy that embodied all of the values we knew community member’s of long-term care both desired and deserved. To us, long-term community members are not just a number or a chart, they are real people with real stories and are at a vulnerable stage in their lives where the human touch can make all the difference in the world.

Eric Gresens

Eric Gresens

Owner, Pharmacist

Dan McGlynn

Dan McGlynn

Owner, Pharmacist

our team

We have a team of professionals dedicated to foster meaningful connections with each community member so we can offer customized care solutions. We work hard to create meaningful relationships with the community members, including fostering relationships with all those that collectively care for the community members.


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