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Have you ever thought about the impact of one single action?

If you throw a rock into still water, you will see a beautiful circular ripple motion take place where the rock entered the water. That one rock sets in motion ripples that affect the entire body of water. The ripple effect is the notion that a single action has an effect on several other entities.

our values



At the foundation of every solid relationship is outstanding communication. We value communication because we know that to a relationship, it is as oxygen is to life—without it, the relationship cannot exist.


Long term care is a very personal and moving profession. With the diversity of community member needs we value the adversity and challenges that can arise on any given day, moment to moment. We want to be your calm for the storms.


We understand that you want to work with a pharmacy that you feel confident can exceed your expectations especially when challenges arise. We are proud to have built a stellar, state-of-the-art facility with highly efficient equipment that allows for the best patient outcomes.


our services

At Rockmed Pharmacy, the community member is our primary concern, but equally important is acknowledging that our actions interface with the director, staff, family and/or guardians of the community member we serve.

Community Member

Competitive Pricing
Specialized Packaging
Compounded & Customized Medications
Private Consultations
Personal, responsive communication


24/7 Service
Multiple E-Mar Interfaces
Educational Events
Quarterly Psychotropic Reviews
Annual Med Reviews
Med Cart Inspections
Customized Reports & Forms
Personal, responsive communication


24/7 Pharmacist Availability
Multiple Delivery Options
Same-Day Service
Cycle Med Delivery
Automatic Refills
Staff Training
Clozapine & Warfarin Monitoring
Personal, responsive communication

Family/ Guardian / POA

Web Portal & APP
Online Payment Options
On-Site Billing Staff
Medicare D Comparisons
Personal, responsive communication


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